Text-to-speech, background music, brainwave entrainment and podcasting in one product!

VocaTalk is the only Text-to-speech (TTS) application that supports background music! Now TTS is really fun.

Turn your reading into audio documentary, free yourself from desk!

VocaTalk generates personal podcasts that sound like an audio documentary with sound effects and music and optional binaural beats in the background. You copy and paste any content, select music and effects, generate episode, upload to cloud and download to your iPhone, Android, Windows Phone or any mp3 player. If the content is too large, VocaTalk will automatically split it into episodes of 50-60 minutes. VocaTalk uses text-to-speech (TTS) technology to read the text aloud and digital signal processing (DSP) technology to massage the generated speech. Listening to a VocaTalk episode is much more comfortable and fun than raw TTS (text-to-speech) voice.

Only $9.95 for a limited period of time!

Take your reading with you whereever you go!

You can listen to generated episodes anywhere, anytime. It enables you to reach more information in less time, because you're no longer limited with the time that you can spare for reading. You can create an endless stream of podcasts for anything you want to read and VocaTalk will read it out loud with the highest quality voices, play music in the background and other unique enhancements.

VocaTalk is designed for people who want to read and keep up with information constantly. All its features target one goal: To make hours and hours of reading and learning fun and enjoyable.

VocaTalk supports integration with

iTunes Zune SkyDrive Google Drive Dropbox
iTunes Zune SkyDrive Google Drive Dropbox


Real photos of VocaTalk podcasts on iPod Touch
  • You don't need to create time for reading. Use your commute, driving, exercising, shopping, and even napping time to listen instead of reading.
  • Don't get bored by the monotonous TTS. VocaTalk has many unique features like support for multiple voices for the same text, positional audio, and background music that make it fun.
  • You no longer have to choose between listening music and listening/reading text. VocaTalk gives you both at the same time.
  • Listen whole books or articles over the weeked and go to your meeting prepared while others still beg time for it. Check out our guide to free online book libraries.
  • Fold your reading habit, fold your success.
  • You don't have to mess with managing mp3 files around. Podcasting technology will do it for you, so you always have unlistened episodes on your iPod/Zune and remember where you left when you resume it.
  • Seperate your concerns between research and reading. You can just queue episodes and generate them later when you'll listen.
  • Unleash the power of your brain by using binaural beats mixed into the generated media.
  • Combine the power of your PC to create self cooked media with the mobility of your podcast/mp3 player to experience the freedom of knowledge and joy of life at the same time.

Reclaim the intellectual time you loose for daily activities

Did you know you could potentially turn the time you loose in some of your daily activities to improve yourself, without even giving up those activities? Number of articles per year you could read Number of articles per year you could read Download excel sheet to calculate your time lost on daily activities that could be potentially turned into intellectual time without even giving them up.


Our vision is to create new ways of reaching information and learning. We believe hearing is more natural than reading. It is also less restricting since you can do almost any activity while listening whereas you need dedicated time and special focus to read. Beyond simple text-to-speech and screen-reader applications, we are actually in the process of creating a personal learning assistant armed with the power of high quality computer generated speech. VocaTalk will bring the infinite information ocean to your brain wherever you are, rather than to your computer. As new features of VocaTalk are revealed, this vision will become clearer.

Stay tuned!

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